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Aqua Beads For Flower Decoration
Description/ Specification of Aqua Beads For Flower Decoration

These aqua beads for flower decoration is offered by us is of high quality. Our product features are as under mention:
*Hygroscopicity, after full absorbing water the weight may reach own weight 40-80 time
*It widely applies in each kind of room plants.The crystal putty being suitable planter likes damp, the suitable river character strong room introspection leaf class plant or the room domestic waters cultivates the plant, for instance, bracket plant, descendant of the imperial family, narcissus, cactus, aloe class and so on.
*There are many application situation : Daily lives at home the afforestation, the office afforests, the public situation decoration and so on.
*Non-toxic tasteless, clean environmental protection, artistic durable
*It can be used in circles.
Water bead for indoor houseplants, flower arrangements, wedding and party floral centerpieces.
1, The search for an identical pattern inside the hydrated bead is fun and be Mind-expanding especially for students.It can help train a person’s sense of observation.
2, Photo bead for decorative:enhance floral arrangements, floating candle bowls, a table centerpieces.
3, These water pearl has sight colors, size 1.5-4.0mm, high quality and more transparent than the past style.
Warnings: Do not eat or put into your mouth.Keep out of the reach of children.Photo bead is not suitable for children below the age of 8.
Color: colorful
Size after soaking:1.0-1.7cm

Sample Availability : Yes Competitive Advantages of the product

It is non-toxic, no color fade product, can be used for home, office, wedding decoration.

Delivery Lead Times : about 5-10 days Payment Terms : Western Union, Paypal Min Quantity : 5 Quality Process Certifications : SGS
Contact Information
Caivi International Holdings Co.Ltd BUILDING 521, BAGUA3RD, FUTIAN DISTRICT, Shenzhen - 518029, Guangdong, China
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