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Bio Chem Zorb

Combination chemical filter media keeps aquarium water healthy and clear Removes dissolved organics, heavy metals, and discoloration Place easy-to-use, flow-through media pouch in any filter

Research grade combination chemical filter media in a convenient flow-through nylon pouch. Bio-Chem Zorb contains a variety of research-grade organic scavenger resins, natural ion-exchange resin and high-porosity activated carbon. The result is superior removal of organic pollutants. Removes aquarium pollutants including colors, odors, heavy metals and toxic gases. Also improves water clarity and will not remove trace elements from saltwater. Safe for freshwater or saltwater. Each pouch treats up to 55 gallons.

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Purpose and Benefits:
Bio Chem Zorb is a water filtration media comprised of research-grade organic scavenger resins, pharmaceutical-grade ion-exchange resins, and high-porosity activated carbon in a flow-through media pouch. Removes dissolved organic pollutants from freshwater and saltwater aquariums and can be used in any filter.

Fish, invertebrates, plants, algae, and uneaten fish food release a variety of organic pollutants into the aquarium. When these pollutants accumulate in an aquarium, a stressful environment is created for all inhabitants. Poor water quality leads to lower disease resistance, inhibited growth, reduced oxygen level, discolored aquarium water, and foul odors. Continuous filtration with Bio Chem Zorb will restore water quality and create crystal clear water.

Bio Chem Zorb works in freshwater aquariums by ion exchange and adsorption. The organic scavenger resins and activated carbon adsorb dissolved organics. The ion-exchange resins remove toxic heavy metals such as copper and lead. Use Bio Chem Zorb in freshwater aquariums to keep the water healthy and sparkling clear.

In saltwater, Bio Chem Zorb relies on the powerful adsorption properties of the organic scavenger resins and activated carbon. Bio Chem Zorb is especially useful in removing refractory organics that cause yellow water, which results from a buildup of dissolved organics. These organic pollutants reduce the transmittance of blue light necessary for many marine invertebrates.

Directions for Use:
Each 10 oz. flow-through media pouch treats up to 55 gallons of water.
Rinse the pouch thoroughly in tap water before use. Place the pouch in the aquarium filter so water passes through the pouch. Bio Chem Zorb will remove pollutants for up to six months depending on stocking density and the level of pollutants generated in the aquarium. A heavily stocked aquarium will require more frequent replacement of Bio Chem Zorb than a lightly stocked aquarium that receives a water change every week.

Bio Chem Zorb can be used in all freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

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