Awesome DIY Christmas card

Glitter is an irreplaceable thing in scrapbooking. Its main difference from liquid glitter is that it turns out a thicker pleasant shine. The main thing is not to overdo it with such shiny elements in your work, and you will get an amazing decorative element! Many people do not know what to do with it, although there are a lot of work variations. You can easily make a simple and beautiful Christmas card.

First, cut out a figurine of a deer from cardboard. Take two sheets of paper - one we will smear with glue, other we will sprinkle with glitter for crafts. We will also prepare, of course, the glue and the glitter. It is convenient to use an awl to shift the figure coated with glue, as well as remove excess glue that will get into the small bends of the cutting or chipboard. Next, get to work. We carefully coat the figure with glue, it is better to do all the operations in turn in this case so that the glue does not have time to dry, otherwise areas may appear where the glitter does not stick. Then we transfer the figurine to the prepared dry leaf and sprinkle with plenty of glitter. It is recommended not to pour the excess immediately, but to dry it right away so that the maximum amount of glitter sticks and the shine is uniform. We prepare all the deer and put this sheet to dry. When everything is dry, we shake off the excess, you can even knock lightly on the back of the figure. Pour some water into an unnecessary small plastic container and dissolve in it the same glue with which we glued. One brush side should be sufficient. Stir thoroughly and coat our blanks. And dry again. As a result, we have wonderful shiny clippings! So smart and sophisticated in some way. We glue them on sheets of paper, write congratulations and a wonderful postcard is ready!

Image by obrienmediauk from Pixabay

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