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Pandora Essence Bracelets Review

pandora-essence-bracelets-reviewI can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since Pandora launched their latest concept, the Essence Collection. I’ve spent enough time wearing and testing out the products that I thought I could finally give an in-depth review of their bracelets. Currently, there are 4 types of chains available – the traditional thin snake chain, two-tone bracelet, beaded bracelet, and fabric string. Also, with the Winter 2014 Collection the brand will be introducing an Essence necklace which is a longer chain in the same style as their regular bracelet.

pandora-essence-braceletsThe Essence Collection came out last November and has garnered mixed feedback from fans. Some love the elegant aesthetic and the meaning behind the beads while others were disappointed that it was not compatible with the original Pandora charm bracelets. I was a fan of the concept with beads that didn’t move on the bracelet but was more ambivalent about the attached characteristics of the designs. While that hasn’t changed, I have decided that I’m thoroughly enjoying the look of my bracelets and even getting some charms that don’t necessarily represent my personality (*cough*Patience*cough*).

Turning to the bracelets themselves, within the first few months a design flaw became apparent with the original clasps. The bracelet ends are pointed and made to thread the beads like a needle, which for some customers meant that their bracelets would unexpectedly unhook and potentially be lost. I’ve never had that happen personally but there were various reports on Facebook which lead to a change in the clasp design over the summer. Now if you compare the old clasps with the new clasps, you can see that there’s an extra curve that holds the bracelet end and the ends themselves have also been rounded out. If you have one of the original bracelets, check with your local store to see if they’ll exchange it for one of the newer ones.

Beads Hunter Jewelry Beautiful Ocean Sea Golden Beach Murano Glass Bead Charm Fits Pandora Bracelet
Jewelry (Beads Hunter Jewelry)
  • Material: Solid Sterling Silver guaranteed 925 stamped inside the core
  • Color: like the picture show
  • size: 7*14 mm
  • hole style: Unthreaded Hole 5mm
  • Beads Hunter Design your own beaded charm jewelry
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