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Paper Bead Jewellery and "The Gulu Tailoring Project"

Paper BraceletsThe Devon based charity, Edukid, aims to support children in gaining an education who are struggling in poverty and who live in war areas in the world. An education can increase the chance of a brighter future and helps children in fulfilling their dreams. Children with an education can live an extra 7 years longer!

Edukid helps to involve UK schools, teachers and businesses in getting involved in projects aboard. The main focus is helping people with disability, illness, child soldiers, orphans and families affected by war.Gulu Tailoring project Providing an education and the ability for children to create a better future for themselves could be seen as a far better way of empowering people instead of giving handouts.

One particular project called “The Gulu Tailoring Project” set up in Northern Uganda provides manual Singer sewing machines to women who are then taught the skills to sew. Teaching them sewing skills and providing tools to make garments provides the opportunity for them to start up their own businesses and distance themselves from poverty.

Commonly found in Uganda are gorgeous paper bracelets and necklaces (see below) made from torn up pieces of magazines, old posters and unwanted paper and these provide another source of income.Multi-coloured Paper Jewellery The process of making them involves rolling the pieces of paper and then varnishing for longevity. Who would have thought torn up scraps of discarded paper would have the potential to be made into bright, colourful and sought after pieces!

There is little tourism and passing trade in Uganda, but there are some people who have discovered these colourful pieces from visiting the area and now support jewellery artisans in Uganda. Having visited Uganda as a university student and coming back with these paper jewellery pieces, Kellie Dovel, from California created the business of 31bits is an example of a company that helps to empower jewellery artisans by selling these paper creations, providing a sustainable income and also linking artisans up with the international market. Paper beads have been recognised as a fashionable addition in the western world and In 2010 the surf company Reef worked with 31bits to make “Ugandals, ” a sandal decorated with the paper beads. Visit 31bits for a few ideas on how to help and empower Ugandan people.

Yamoge 500 Mixed White Acyrlic Letter/ Alphabet Cube Beads 6x6mm
Art and Craft Supply (Yamoge)
  • Color: Multi Mix (Mix of all available colors)
  • plastic Acrylic Beads
  • Various shapes
  • Ideal for kids arts and crafts; fun for jewelry making
  • Spell out a message on a necklace or bracelet
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