Square beads for Bracelets

Square Knot Bracelet

Instructions for making Square Knot Bracelet showing peg pattern on WigJig jewelry tools.Step 6: Now we are ready to shape the jewelry wire on our WigJig jewelry tool. Position a regular metal peg, peg 1, and a 3/16" Super Peg, peg 2 in your jewelry making jig as shown at left. Place your initial loop on peg 1 and wrap the wire around peg 2. Continue wrapping until with no pressure applied the wire remains in the position shown at right.

Step 7: Remove the wire from your jewelry making jig. Grasp the jewelry wire as shown below-left with your bent chain nose pliers. Bend the end of the wire to the left. After bending the jewelry wire, your wire should appear as shown below-center. Now we are ready to wrap this figure closed.

Step 6 To instructions for making Onyx Beads Square Knot Bracelet showing shaping jewelry wire on WigJig jewelry tool. Step 8: Using your bent chain nose pliers held in your non-dominant hand, grasp and firmly hold the jewelry wire as shown above-right. Using the thumb on your dominant hand push the wire tail, with your thumb as close to the rest of the wire component as possible. Continue pushing until the wire tail wraps around the rest of the component one time.

Step 9: Using your flush cutter, cut the excess jewelry wire leaving about 1/8" of wire.

Step 10: After cutting the excess wire grasp the jewelry wire component with one pair of bent chain nose pliers and while holding the wire component use a second pair of chain nose pliers to squeeze the cut end flat.

Step 11: In order to make it possible to connect one teardrop wire component to another, you will need to bend the bottom of the teardrop. To make this bend, use your step jaw pliers and grasp the wire component about 3/16" from the bottom of the teardrop. While holding the component tightly in the jaws of your step jaw pliers, bend the bottom of the teardrop up about 45 degrees. The more you bend the bottom of the teardrop, the easier it will be to connect two teardrop components in the square knot link. While you are making your practice teardrop start by bending more rather than less so you can easily connect two teardrops. Make a total of 10 of these teardrop wire components using the instructions in step 1-11.

Step 12: Now we are ready to connect 5 pairs of teardrop wire components into five square knot links. See the four pictures below for the steps in connecting two teardrop wire components. When you get to the position shown in the third picture from the left, below, you will need to use your nylon jaw pliers to squeeze the two wire components and flatten them. This squeezing and flattening sets the square knot wire shape and makes it permanent.

Bling Bling Assorted Color Faceted Bicone Crystal Glass Beads, Jewelry Bracelet or Necklace, #5328 #5301 etc (#09: 1000 Pcs (10 Colors 4mm Cube Crystal))
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26" Brown Leather & Multi Square Mosaic Bead Wrap Bracelet
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  • Bracelet measures 26 long and 3/8 wide.
  • Features brown leather cord with multi colored square glass mosaic beads.
  • Closes with adjusting beaded ties.
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