Stop beads for Pandora Bracelets

How to Buy Dragonfly Charms for a PANDORA Charm Bracelet

How to Buy Dragonfly Charms for a PANDORA Charm BraceletKnown as one of the fastest flying insects in the world, the dragonfly is a beautiful creature with a rich symbolism. It is particularly popular in the Japanese culture, which uses the dragonfly to symbolize strength, courage, and happiness.

For PANDORA charm bracelet owners, the addition of a dragonfly charm is a great way to celebrate this meaning or admire the beauty of this tiny creature. However, before making a purchase, buyers must understand the PANDORA system as well as consider which type of dragonfly charm best suits their needs.

All About PANDORA Charm Bracelets

A Danish company founded in 1982, PANDORA specializes in hand-finished jewelry. It is most widely known for its signature charm bracelets which debuted in 2000. Before choosing a dragonfly charm for a PANDORA bracelet, however, buyers need to know what their options are in terms of the bracelet itself, as well as the charms offered.

Types of PANDORA Bracelets

PANDORA charm bracelets are so unique and so loved because they utilize a patented threading system that secures each charm added, yet also allow wearers to easily switch around the charms. This system allows wearers to easily add and remove charms to suit their mood and style. Though most people know the traditional sterling silver charm bracelet that started it all, Pandora charm bracelets come in a variety of materials including 14k gold, leather, and textiles.

Types of PANDORA Charms

The patented threading system, which defines PANDORA charms and charm bracelets, allows for limitless style. In fact, there are five specific types of PANDORA charms that individuals use to create their own unique bracelet to promote their life, fashion sense, and matches their mood.

Type of Charm



Most basic type of PANDORA charm

Forms the foundation of the bracelet

Uses the patented threading system



Fixed beads that clip onto the bracelet rather than thread through

Keep charms spaced evenly and prevent sliding

Creates sections of beads by serving as a divider

Like a charm bead, but includes a dangling element

Adds a layered look to the bracelet

Attaches to the end of bracelet to keep a continuous loop when it is taken on or off

Prevents beads from falling off bracelet and breaking or chipping

Smaller, thin beads that may or may not have threading

Fill space on bracelet when a full size charm does not fit

Prevents charms from rubbing together

ICYROSE 925 Sterling Silver "Swirls with Pink Cubic Zirconia" Clip Lock Charm Bead
Jewelry (ICYROSE)
  • Quantity: 1 Bead
  • Material: S925 Solid Sterling Silver (Stamped)
  • Fits: Most major brand bracelets such as Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Carlo Biagi, and other add-a-bead bracelets.
  • Design & Color : Antique Finish
  • Core : Sliding Core 3.15mm
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Pro Jewelry (Set of 2) .925 Sterling Silver Round Stopper with Rubber Beads fits Snake Chain Bracelets
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  • Quantity: 2 pieces
  • Hole size: extend from 2mm to 4mm
  • Fits: All major Brand Bracelets, such as Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Carlo Biagi, Zable, and other add-a-bead bracelets.
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Pack Of Ten (10) European Style Silicone Rubber Stopper Bead Charm Clip Locks.
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Soufeel Soufeel Gold Plated Sterling Silver Round Stopper Charm With Rubber
Art and Craft Supply (Soufeel)
  • Soufeel Brand 100% 925 sterling silver
  • Hole size: 4.5mm to 5.0mm
  • Stopper compatible with European bracelets and necklaces
  • Stop other charms sliding
  • With one Fine Soufeel brand gift box
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