UV Bead Bracelets

SolarActive® Color Changing UV BEADS

SolarActive® bead shapes are fancier and more translucent. Use in between regular pony beads for more creative craft projects and jewelry making. All beads change color instantly in the sunlight and back again when removed from the UV light source. Powered by SolarActive® and the energy from the sun.

Jewelry making is fun for everyone using SolarActive® UV beadsGive your craft projects and jewelry making a SolarActive® boost! Use solar pony beads to create color changing bracelets, fun scrunchies, sock toppers, key holders and decorations of all kinds. Since SolarActive® products only change color in the presence of UV rays, they also become instant UV detectors. Adults and kids are more aware of dangerous UV rays when wearing a UV sun sensitive product. When SolarActive® bracelets, buttons, t-shirts or embroidery thread turn colors, its a reminder to put on the sun block!


Craft, jewelry making, UV beads and science projects using SolarActive® color changing UV beads, pony UV beads, heart UV beads, star UV beads, facet UV beads and butterfly UV beads make your jewelry making and craft projects shine instantly from the energy of the sun. SolarActive® sells wholesale beads to the bead enthusiast. Teachers discount and wholesale beads pricing. SolarActive® embroidery thread, lace by the yard, lace appliques, and shoelaces are fun for everyone and give a burst of solar UV magic to your craft, science, jewelry making and color changing t shirt projects.

SolarActive® color changing UV beads, heart UV beads, star UV beads, and butterfly UV beads are that special touch for jewelry making and craft projects. Create UV beaded bracelets, hair accessories, scrunchies, sock toppers, key holders, jewelry making and craft decorations of all kind. Call for wholesale bead pricing.

Cosmic Crafts 500 UV Multi Color Changing Reactive Plastic Pony Beads - Also Glows in the Dark
Toy (Cosmic Crafts)
  • Official Cosmic Crafts Brand. Makes great craft projects!
  • 7 Assorted Colors: Rose, Orange, Yellow, Fuchsia, Blue, Indigo, Violet
  • Comes with (5)-1 meter stretch strings to make UV detecting bracelets, necklaces, keychains and so on
  • Made into curtain, it will change color and decorate the window. Looks cool.
  • Size: 9mm in diameter, 6mm in high, 3mm hole in the middle
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Color Changing UV Beads
Color Changing UV Beads
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Craze bands Craze Bands & More 100 High Quality UV Solar Color Change Pony Beads Transparent Color Rainbow Rubber Bands Refill For all Loom kit projects
Art and Craft Supply (Craze bands)
  • Complete your Loom Projects with our UV Colorful beads!! Mix and Match your bracelets, necklace
  • Beads are Transparent White INDOOR, Change to Colorful UNDER THE SUN! Compatible with all popular rubber band bracelet looms.
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  • 100 beads, High Quality! Random picked Color beads.
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Educational Innovations Ultraviolet Detecting Beads - 250 Beads Per Pack
BISS (Educational Innovations)
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  • FIL-235,UV-RAW,UV-644,UV-STEM
  • We cannot honor tax exemptions.
SolarActive International The Original Solaractive® UV Color Changing Beads - 7 Colors, 250 Beads
Art and Craft Supply (SolarActive International)
  • 7 Assorted Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Magenta
  • Bright vibrant beads that change color for years with 250 SolarActive® beads per pack
  • Changes color immediately when exposed to sunlight, even on cloudy and rainy days!
  • The original Powered by SolarActive® - Satisfaction Guarenteed! Contact us to save on shipping for multiple packs!
  • Ships within 1 business day with tracking number.
ParacordPlanet Micro Paracord 1/16" (2mm) 85lb Tensile Strength 100 Foot Spools
Sports (ParacordPlanet)
  • Firm round braided cord that measures approximately 1/16 of an inch (about 2mm)
  • 100 Feet of cord with a tensile strength of 85 pounds on a reusable spool
  • Multiple purposes such as tying, macramé, jewelry making, general tie-downs, marine applications and much more
  • Resistant to rot, mildew, and will not fade to UV sunlight
  • Also known as mosquito cord, mini paracord, & micro paracord - Made in USA
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