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Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford, CT

LemkoCelebrating the 75th AnniversaryThe Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford, the oldest cultural institution established by Ukrainians in North America is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Please honor us with your presence and thus support our work and further accomplishments in the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Celebrating the Life of Christopher Paul BaxerThe Ukrainian Museum and Library will display a posthumous exhibit of the art works of Christopher Baxer. Christopher and his wife Marta for the past few years have been members of the Board of Directors of our Museum and Library. Christopher, an architect by profession, was also passionately devoted to his art work, died tragically last year. His wife Marta Mulyk Baxer is hosting the exhibition of his art which will be held in the museum's gallery.

Shevchenko ExhibitPYSANKA
The Ukrainian Easter Egg Exhibit
at the Ukrainian Museum and Library of StamfordDiscover the traditional ancient motifs combined on the oval shape of an egg
in a masterfully artistic way.
See the giant Easter Eggs on the lawn in front of the Museum.

Learn to decorate Easter Eggs the traditional Ukrainian way.
The Museum offers two Easter Egg decorating workshops.

March 28th and 29th from 4PM – 6PM
Materials and supplies included
Each workshop fee: $15

Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford, CT.
161 Glenbrook Road
Stamford, CT 06902

- The Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford sponsored a Christmas party on the premises of the museum. During the Christmas party guests were entertained by a short musical interlude. Fathers Ivan Mazuryk and Roman Sydorovych sang a few appropriate seasonal songs to the piano accompaniment of Halyna Mylko. Photographs from the party are published below:


- A workshop in making Ukrainian Christmas ornaments was held at the museum on December 22nd. Children from Plast organization and local Cub scouts participated. All children made a spider out of wire and beads and heard the tale how a spider brightened a poor woman's Christmas tree by decorating it with silvery spider webs. The workshop was organized by Alexandra Lopatynsky and conducted by Lubow Wolynetz.

Photo courtesy of Lesia Lopatynsky

- 38 students from Yonkers Saturday Ukrainian School came to visit the museum and do a workshop in Christmas tree ornaments. Museum's volunteer, Ms. Bohdanka Puzyk and Deacon Ihor Boiko conducted the tour and workshop.

75th anniversary Christopher Baxter Baxter Pysanka Exhibit
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