Evil Eye beads from Turkey

Turkish Evil Eye Beads

Eye BeadsThe blue evil eyes of Anatolia that has been smiling for thousands of years, are eager to meet with the eyes of the new world.

The blue evil eye bead amulets are in a creative collaboration with the other decorative arts in Istanbul. To decorate something, the first item you think of is the eye beads or their figure. Either the eye beads decorate an object or they are decorated by some other objects. They can be assembled with a variety of designs and objects creating exciting combinations.

Evil Eye Bead. This thousands of years old talisman continues to fight against the evil eyes all over the world.

The eye that has began its journey from Egypt 5000 years ago, continues its trip within the human adventure with the shiny beads of Anatolian bead masters. It gives protection and brings luck to all. With its warm blue, the shine it has derived from the fire and the smiling face that's a typical feature of the Anatolian people, it gives happiness to the friends and the beloved ones.

The gift sector is a live and dynamic sector creating innumerable variety processing the evil eye bead. Behind this sector we see some other actors
providing raw material: The glass makers. They shape glass. They are not masters of bead. They are masters of glass. But when they apply the eye figure to the glass, they end up with interesting results.

Original blue glass evil eye beadIn Turkey, wherever you look, you'll meet plenty of evil eyes looking at you. Here it is a real evil eye bead paradise.

The people that deal with and have devoted themselves to the evil eye beads, strive to explain and convey this tradition and symbol to the other people. While exporting the glass evil eye bead and eye figured gift objects to 60 countries all over the world, they want to share the positive power of the blue eye with all mankind... With an understanding beyond any religious belief...

All those glass evil eye beads would make you feel as if you are being pursued. It is as if secret eyes are following the life and the people. The blue bead eyes might be looking as if trying to say, "Don't bother... Everything is all right...

Xtremek Blue Evil Eye Bracelet with Adjustable String
Home (Xtremek)
  • Made from Plastic Beads
  • Adjustable Length: From 3 to 7 Inches;
  • This is made in Turkey
3cm Lucky Evil Eye Nazar Boncuk Turkish Greek Glass Hanging Good Luck Protection
Jewelry ()
  • The perfect gift for yourself or your love one
  • 3cm Lucky Evil Eye, Nazar Boncuk Glass Hanging Charm
  • Genuine Glass Eye from Turkey
  • Protection & Good Luck
  • Place in your Home, Work or Car
A2-0277 - Traditional Greek Komboloi Prayer Worry Beads - 27 Beads Lucky Evil Eye Beads & Tibetan Silver Tone Alloy Accessories - Handmade by Jeannieparnell
Art and Craft Supply (Jeannie Parnell)
  • Please Note that this item is being posted from Turkey and may take 2 weeks to arrive
  • Traditional Greek Komboloi Prayer Worry Beads
  • Lucky Evil Eye - Protection & Good Luck
  • Handmade Design by Jeannieparnell
Jeannieparnell A2-0091 - Glass Lucky Evil Eye Bead & Butterfly Keyring / Bag Hanger Handmade by Jeannieparnell
Art and Craft Supply (Jeannieparnell)
  • Please Note that this item is being posted from Turkey and may take 2 weeks to arrive
  • Free Post Worldwide
  • Handmade Design by Jeannieparnell
  • Protection & Good Luck
  • Lucky Evil Eye Nazar Boncuk
Jeannieparnell A2-0136 - Glass Lucky Evil Eye & Mixed Glass Bead Wall Hanging For Protection Good Luck Handmade Jeannieparnell
Home (Jeannieparnell)
  • The perfect gift for yourself or your love one
  • Handmade Unique Gift by Jeannieparnell
  • Glass Lucky Evil Eye Nazar Boncuk Charm with Mixed Glass Beads
  • Protection & Good Luck Gift
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