Eye beads history

Magic Eye Beads

15 * 7 * 3 mm
Ceramic Eye Beads
Early historic time
600 B.C. - 100 A.D.
These beads are very rare!

13 * 8 * 3 mm

11 * 8 * 4 mm

Apart from our western secular societies, I think that almost all
cultures more or less still have this animistic way of thinking reality. That is why
the magic eye bead is still much in the top of the bead collectors pyramid.

In a way all beads are like amulets - if one thinks they are. The 'amuletic' power of beads can never be isolated from the particular belief system in which the owner of the bead orients himself.
In this way the world is constructed out of collective minds accepting the same story told reality.
To see the world as a projection of thoughts is in fact very close to Indian religious philosophy. However where we in the west tend to describe all mind made realities as unreal and positivistic science as real, the ancient Indian philosophy is one step ahead in pointing out long before the quantum physics that the observer is actually creating the observed.
So when I in the beginning said that beads have power when one thinks them to have it, it is not at all a positivistic or sceptic statement. Consciousnes do create the world to a much greater extent than science so far has accepted. Seen in the light of this biocentrism, the ancient beads do have power - because they have been charged with your consciousness and thought intentions, and before that from countless ancient generations of humans.

Beads as amulets - A strong and focused mind attracts a strong eye bead
All ancient eye beads from greater India are in this way true amulets. But the power of a bead increases with beauty and the degree of good artistic design. The very shape of the bead formed an intricate component of it's potency. Why? Simply because the extraordinary bead attracts more will power-attention than an insignificant and poorly made bead.
In a way only a strong focused and non wavering mind deserves a truly magic bead.
The magic of the bead is created through that awarenes field itself. It becomes the perfect focuspoint for our attention and concentration. This mechanism shows the deeper animistic psycology behind the ancient amulet. Consciousnes has often been described in methaphors of light. Hence the blooming of consciousns is called 'enlightenment'.
This is also why a magic bead in most cases is an Eye Bead. This Eye is both recieveing, mirroring and sending your own conscious light, amplified and focused through the eye of the bead in the same way as normal diffused light is transformed into laser light when it is projected through a ruby.

So what precious stones like rubys and diamonds can do, so can the Eye Bead.
Stone beads are the worlds oldest art form. Seen in the light of the this third eye,
the bead is also among the worlds oldest amuletic tools of magic!
Today the knowledge of the power of the Indus Valley Eye Beads has been lost. Only the mainly Tibetan dzi-beads are still recognized as powerful amulets. But the Indus beads are sleeping beauty's from a far older culture than the Tibetan. The Indus bead is like a dormant power plant. It just needs your recognition to wake up from millennia's of sleep.

In the Vedas we find no particular emphasis on stone beads as amulets.
The amulets of the Vedic times have more resemblance to the amulets worn by Tantric Yogis. In these amulets we find the extensive use of materials from the animal and vegetable kingdoms plus the use of pearls known as mani, jewel. It is like S. B. Deo writes in his book, 'Indian Beads':

It is surprising that so few should have been used which are not perishable. p.39

Even though Hindu Nationalist do not like to hear it, it seems that the importance and use of magic beads is older than the Vedas, reaching back to the pre-Vedic time of the Indus Culture.

Magic Buddhist beads as cultural ambassadors

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