Gemstone Beads Strands

Out of Our Mines

The word means many things to many people. Some of the oldest recorded objects made by human beings are beads. Why do they have such an effect on us?

We choose to make beads for many reasons.

We mine the rough ourselves or work with miners we know to ensure the integrity of the source of our materials, both in treatment of people and the earth our stones are drawn from.

We then complete the entire process of designing, cutting, polishing, and creating our gemstone beads and bead jewelry in our Northern California studio.

Creating our finished necklaces, we are inspired by the simplicity and flow of form and color. Tones are blended like a painting of wildflowers in a mountain meadow, or contrasted to create striking pieces in both contemporary and ancient styles.

Shown in image (l to r):
California Green Tourmaline, 18K gold
Aquamarine, 18K gold
California Pink Tourmaline
Afghan Tourmaline, 18K gold
Hessonite Garnet and mixed Tourmalines

To ensure that every bead is of heirloom quality, each one is carefully inspected multiple times throughout the creation process. Our beads are fashioned to the level of quality usually reserved only for fine cabochons and faceted gemstones.
We offer a variety of superbly polished single beads, delicately graduated loose heishe strands, our line of geometric focal beads called Necktiles®, and ready-to-wear necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, each a limited production, one-of-a-kind piece.

The beads in our 16 inch loose strands are drilled with precision 1mm holes, designed for smooth, easy knotting or stringing. Hole sizes in our larger beads range from 2mm to 4mm depending on the design of the bead. Our beads with 2mm holes are designed to fit any 1.8mm bayonet clasp or cord.
Shown in image (l to r):
American Golden Opal, 5-6.5mm disks
Chrysocolla Chalcedony, 5-8mm disks
Holley Lavender Chalcedony, 4-8mm disks
Peruvian Blue Opal, 7-8mm disks
Australian Crystal Opal, 6-7mm disks
Himalaya Mine Pink Tourmaline, 5-10mm disks

We wish you joy and radiant beauty as you wear our artwork.

-Richard and Helen Shull

Shown in image (l to r):
Peruvian Blue Opal, center
Maine Tourmaline, left
California Tourmaline, right

Our beads are available to you everyday in our,
and come see the debut of our new pieces in person at the

In the North Coast/Humboldt County, CA area:

Single beads and strands are available for sale at:

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