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Jet gemstone bead

10 beads
10 beads

Jet Round beads
10 beads 6mm ... $4.50
10 beads 8mm ... $7.50

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Protection, Purification, Power, Healing



1 bead

Jet 25mm Carved Round bead
1 bead ... $17.00

1 bead

Jet 16mm Carved Round bead
1 bead ... $15.00

1 bead

Jet Carved oval bead
1 bead ... $14.00

Jet meaning

Jet occurs in black or dark brown and is a variety of coal known as lignite. The finest jet comes from England, and it is also found in the United States, Poland, France, Germany, Spain, India and Russia.

Jet becomes electrically charged when rubbed with wood or silk.

Jet is an excellent stone for use in magic rituals to draw and channel the elements of the earth's energies in a desired direction.

Jet protects and purifies.

Jet neutralizes negative energies. Hold a piece of jet to clear negative vibrations.

Healing properties of Jet

Healing with jet is often done in combination with amber or sugilite. Jet is used by healers to aid the cleansing of the liver and kidneys.

Linpeng International INC. Fiona Gemstone Bead Strand, 8mm, Jet
Art and Craft Supply (Linpeng International INC.)
  • 24-Piece 8mm jet round gemstone beads
  • Customers can create variety of jewelries with their own design with these beautiful beads
  • Well-polished for a smooth surface
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fashiontrend-us Faceted Natural Genuine Jet Round 10mm Gemstone Jewelry Making Loose Beads
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  • sold by one strand with 15.5 inch
  • NOTICE: They are natural stone beads,Size and color may be a little different.
  • The photo show many strands to help you understand more details.
  • not finished jewelry wich means no clasp, beads only
  • Jet is very light, not like other stone.
The Crafts Outlet The Crafts Outlet 1440-Piece Flat Back Acrylic Round Rhinestones, 3mm, Jet Black
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