Glass beads for paint striping

How many glass beads does it take to stripe a street or highway

Glass beads are applied as the paint is laid down to increase the reflectivity of the striping.(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Urban Striping Crew has been working in the Riverton area for the past week, applying fresh paint to the highways and streets around the county.

The striping makes it easier for motorists to keep in their own lane of travel, but what is generally unknown is how much material it takes to get the job done.

According to WYDOT’s District 5 Spokesman Cody Beers, it takes about 1, 000 gallons of paint and 8, 500 pounds of glass beads to paint the urban areas of the state highway system in Riverton.

For trivial buffs, it takes 17 1/2 gallons of paint and 148.75 pounds of glass beads for WYDOT’s urban paint striper to paint one mile of four-inch-wide line.

Beers said glass beads (8 1/2 pounds per gallon of paint) are applied with the paint and increase reflectivity of the paint.

WYDOT's Basin-based urban striping crew: from left, Joe Keele, David Bilderback, Lew Fausett, and Foreman Hilary LaBudda. (WYDOT Photo) DSCF4420
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