Glass beads for Sandblasting

Glass Bead Blasting (Sandblasting)

Abrasive media blasting is an excellent way to remove old paint, rust and to increase paint/powder adhesion. Doing it properly means to protect areas that shouldn’t be blasted, for instance bearing surfaces and machined surfaces. Tri-State Fabricators also make sure that all the parts are clean prior to blasting. The reason is that blasting re-circulates the blast media and often materials from previous operations are mixed in the media. Parts that have residual oil on them will only push that oil down into the pores to come out later when baking, potentially ruining the job, or resulting in premature adhesion loss or corrosion. Glass beads are manufactured from lead-free, soda lime-type glass, containing no free silica that is made into preformed ball shapes. Glass beads produce a much smoother and brighter finish than angular abrasives.

Glass beads produce a clean, bright, satin finish, without dimensional change of the parts. Glass beads can be recycled approximately 30 times. Chemically inert and environmentally friendly, glass beads are an acceptable method of metal cleaning or surface finishing when properly controlled. With over 20 + years experience in Sand Blasting, you can be assured your parts are being cleaned by professionals.

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