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How to Buy End Beads on eBay

End BeadsBeautiful jewelry pieces can be made by putting together and other jewelry findings. All of the supplies needed to complete jewelry-making projects can be found on eBay. End beads are one of the most important jewelry components available on the market. These beads are used to finish and secure bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and earrings.

Using End Beads for Jewelry Projects

Many crafters use end beads, also known as crimp beads, to prevent beads from shifting or falling off of jewelry pieces. Those individuals who would like to create pieces with memory wire use end beads to secure their designs. These special beads are an excellent alternative to the messy knots and globs of glue that some amateur jewelry-making enthusiasts use to finish their designs.

A wide variety of end beads are offered by sellers on eBay. Before shopping for end beads, crafters should think about the types of projects for which these beads will be used. Some jewelry projects call for end beads of particular shapes or sizes. Carefully review project instructions for guidance about what type of crimp beads should be used. Those individuals who are designing their own pieces should examine similar jewelry projects in order to determine what type of end beads are best suited to the project.

Applying End Beads with Ease

Applying end beads to jewelry designs is very simple. In order to use end beads, simply place the bead over the filament or wire at its end point. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to gentle squeeze the two portions of the end bead together. Check that the end bead is secure by trying to slide it to another place on the design. If the bead isn't secure, apply pressure until it no longer moves from its place in the design. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as this will cause crimp beads to break.

Using End Beads to Secure Designs

Most crafters are familiar with using end beads in order to secure jewelry components to wire and filament. When used to add security to designs, end beads are placed at both ends of a bracelet, necklace, or anklet. When used with earrings, they are generally placed at the bottom-most point on the earring, farthest away from the earlobe. Remember that it is essential to crimp beads tightly on earrings in particular. Crafters who are making jewelry pieces with heavy glass, crystal, or gemstone beads should use bead caps and headpins in place of end beads.

Some crafters may wonder if it is possible to use more than one end bead to add extra stability and security. While crafters can use as many end beads as they like, this tactic will not strengthen a piece. Jewelry-making enthusiasts who are concerned that end beads alone are not enough should apply a small dab of glue between the end bead and the last element in the design. Heavy-duty epoxies are best suited to use with filament.

Using End Beads to Add Aesthetic Appeal to Designs

In addition to being used to secure designs, end beads can also be worked into designs to add visual appeal. Some end beads, especially those with intricate designs on their surfaces, can be used in place of spacer beads. It is best to use end beads in this fashion only with seed beads and small glass or wood beads. End beads are simply too small to be used as spacers with larger beads.

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