Gold Craft Beads

Coin bead necklace DIY Supplies:

I’ve been interested in wooden beads lately, specially ones with unique shapes – like these wooden coin beads I recently played with. They look fine on their own, but I wanted to up their look with some liquid leaf – did you know playing with liquid leaf is so fun? It is – it’s very much like spray paint finish-wise, but without the odor. Easier to control as well! See how easy it is to make this statement necklace DIY with just these supplies and a few other ones!

Coin bead necklace DIY Supplies:

Step 1. Cut a length of jewelry wire, and with your round-nose pliers, make a loop on one end. Wrap the excess wire around the base of the loop two times and cut the excess wire off.

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Aki is an avid DIYer at heart. She documents her crafting adventures over at Minted Strawberry where she shares various DIYs - but mainly focusing on jewelry, clothing and accessory crafts. She also shares printable cards, wallpapers and other graphic work. She loves trying out new craft materials, processes, and learning about new ideas.

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