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Barbecued Leg of Lamb with the New Heat Beads® Chimney Booster

Fancy a Barbeque? The World Loves Melbourne has been introduced to a quick method of cooking barbeque meats in the Weber using the new Heat Beads® Chimney Booster. We love the taste difference of a Weber compared to a gas barbeque. Often the mindset is that gas is a quick solution for barbeques, but we experienced the amazing flavours of a Weber barbeque with a much shorter cooking time than previously.

The trend right now is for slower cooked meats to appreciate the flavours and capture the benefits of marination. We put the Weber to the test with a huge 3kg Leg of Lamb to see whether the Weber could roast the lamb in quick time. In an oven the dish can take 2 to 2 1/2 hours - a long period! We prefer the Weber to a gas or oven method, as the flavours in a Weber are amazing due to cooking over coals.

To cook our Barbecued Leg of lamb we used the recipe of Food-writer, broadcaster and founder of the Australian Barbecue Academy, Bob Hart. Please see the link.

The new Heat Beads® Chimney Booster is a game changer. It makes starting a Weber so much easier, and lighting time so much quicker. In the past we've messed around with firelighters battling the wind, and found that getting a Weber going can take up to an hour. How could the Heat Beads® Chimney Booster change this?

We assembled our new Weber in quick time, a simple installation. The Weber comes with simple step by step instructions with decent pictures, and our 57cm Compact Weber was quickly ready for use.

The Heat Beads® Chimney Booster is easy to set up. It's already assembled, just add batteries and Heat Beads® Firelighters. Have your Chimney ready full of fuel ready to pop on to the Heat Beads® Chimney Booster when the Heat Beads® Firelighters are burning. The Heat Beads® Chimney starts to flame (all contained in the Chimney). The heat and airflow that is being directed up the chimney from the Booster helps heat the BBQ Briquettes faster. After 12 minutes the BBQ Briquettes were hot enough to be placed in the BBQ. You can tell they're ready when the BBQ Briquettes "ash over" - this is when they turn from black to a light grey colour. We used the 12 minutes to whip up a salad to go with our Barbecued Leg of Lamb and our vegetables.

The whole process of lighting the Heat Beads was as the product claimed - about 12 minutes. This was impressive. It means in 12 minutes we are ready to cook with hot coals in the Weber.

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