Heat beads pizza oven

How to use a Wood Fired Oven

How to use a Wood Fired Pizza Oven | Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens Perth

How to cure a wood fired pizza oven

Curing your new pizza oven is a very important step after you’ve finished rendering the dome. It is highly recommended to wait for a week to allow the moisture to evaporate before lighting your oven for the first time.
After the installation, moisture is caught in the render and other components of the oven. If heated up rapidly to a high temperature, the moisture may transform into steam that could then lead to cracks or fissures.
Before you commence cooking, your oven must be cured.
This involves lighting a series of fires, which gradually increase in size and temperature over a period of time.
Never at any stage let the fire die out and the oven become cold.
It is important the temperature is built up from 50c to 300c as indicated below.
Heat beads produce a constant heat that can be controlled and burn for a longer period of time making them an ideal fuel to cure the oven.
Always light the fire in the center of the oven, so all sides receives even heat distribution.

  • 30min at 50c
  • 45min at 100c
  • 60min at 150c
  • 30min at 200c
  • 30min at 300c

How to use your wood fired pizza oven

It is important to understand how the oven works and why it works so well for cooking gourmet food. The goal when preparing the oven is to heat it up evenly and store enough heat in the refractory so it can be released during the cooking process.
The food is cooked by 3 types of heat that are stored during the heat up process

  • Conductive heat transferred by the firebricks of the cooking base
  • Radiant heat released by the refractory dome
  • Convection heat created by the interaction between the fire, the chimney drawing action, and the fresh air from the door opening, circulating inside the dome shaped chamber. So what we are doing is pre-heating the oven to the maximum temperature then letting it cool down to the appropriate temperature for the type of food you are planning to cook. It can take up to an hour to get the highest cooking temperature depending on the size of the oven and the size of the wood used.

How to light your wood fired oven?

  • The wood needs to be clean, free of paint, glue or chemicals and only use dry seasoned wood.
  • We recommend using soft wood to start the fire then hard wood to maintain the fire. The kindling wood to start the fire should be cut into lengths approx 200mm-300mm and no thicker that your small finger. Softwood is less dense, burns faster and is easy to light; pine is great to start the fire as it burns quickly.
  • When the fire has started, use a hard wood 200-300mm length no more than 15cm in diameter. Hard wood is dense and produces intense heat for a longer period of time. Small logs can be used for maintaining the fire or when cooking without the door.
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