Heat beads snake method

Pulled Beef – Snake Method

ImageSo after finally taking receipt of my new offset smoker Perth decided to go and have a heat wave resulting in a total fire ban.
As a result it meant smoking on the offset was definitely out and I had to get creative with where to put the weber so that I wasn’t breaking any laws.

(note: be careful using barbeques in an indoor environment as carbon monoxide is not good for you)

I’d picked up a 3kg beef chuck roast a couple of days prior with the goal of making pulled beef and wanted to trial a temp control method on the weber called ‘the snake’.

The idea behind the snake method is to wrap a line of heat beats around the weber and place a few lit beads at the end, creating a fuse.
The fuse will start igniting the other heat beats, allowing for a slow, controlled burn throughout the day. You can also place wood for smoking at various points along the snake – I used hickory.

I’d applied the chuck with a dry rub consisting of garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, cayenne, salt, pepper and brown sugar a few hours prior.
Once the weber was up to around 100 degrees I got it in to start cooking.

IMG_2300The temperature fluctuated between 90 – 110 degrees for the cook, it took a bit of playing around with the vents to get it sitting where I wanted it; I need to make smaller adjustments to avoid such big variations in temperature next time.

At around four and a half hours in to the cook the internal temperature had hit 60 degrees so I moved the roast to a foil tray filled with homemade barbeque sauce and covered with foil for the remainder of the cook so that it didn’t dry out.

From there I let it run to an internal temperature of 90 degrees which is generally ideal for pulled pork/beef as the collagen and connective tissues will have all broken down by this stage – this was 3 hours after foiling it, so 7.5 hours total. Once it hit 90 I just let it sit at that temperature until 10 hours total cook time – then it’s time to shred!

I separated the beef from the sauce prior to shredding – that way you can make any adjustments to the sauce and add back in to taste. The sauce was fantastic after having the beef cook away in it for so long, I reduced it down to concentrate the flavours and added back in a bit more vinegar to cut through the rich beef flavour. I was really happy with the beef, it was super easy to shred and had a great pink smoke ring around the outside.

IMG_2299 IMG_2301
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