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Shoulder Heating Pad

shoulder heating padShoulder problems interfere with life from sports, work and daily activities. Heat is a great method to loosen stiff joints and relax muscles. Treating the shoulder can be challenging, but the shoulder heating pad makes applying time proven moist heat easy. From nagging rotator cuff problems to overworked and stiff muscles and joints, to restricting and aching arthritis, the shoulder heating pad helps to provide relief with freedom of moving around without being tied to electrical cords or having to boil water for use with messy gel packs.

A special filling allows the shoulder heating pad to absorb moisture at a greater rate than typical microwavable heating pads using rice for filling. This allows better penetration of the heat for a more effective therapy. The mineral bead filling does not leak out and inhibits fungus and mold growth, keeping it fresh and pleasant. Just heat in the microwave for a couple of minutes and place the comfortable fleece side towards the shoulder. The included straps make it easy to fasten and keep in place just where you need it. Covers a wide surface area to surround the shoulder in beneficial moist heat.

This is a very good and affordable shoulder heating pad for moist heat therapy, which is often recommended by doctors for chronic pain relief. It therapy provides temporary alleviation from arthritis and shoulder strain. Fits either right or left shoulder. Made of a soft and comfortable white fleece for your skin with the outer part made from a multiply black fabric that is insulated to provide a vapor barrier, which helps maintain the moist heat in the pad and directed to the shoulder. The design of the shoulder heating pad keeps it securely in place, while permitting motion.

The shoulder heating pad measures 13 inches at the top and tapers to 8 inches at the bottom, with a length of 12 inches. It comes with an elastic belt measuring 3 by 44 inches and a belt that measures 3 by 10 inches for securing with velcro.

How To Use The Shoulder Heating Pad

Fold the heating pad with the white fleece part inside and the black insulating part outside and place inside a microwave oven that is clean and heat for recommended time on the tag.

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