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Everything You Need to Know About Pandora Beads

Everything You Need to Know About Pandora BeadsThe popularity of Pandora jewelry is hard to deny. Fans of the brand find the jewelry for purchase in more than 70 countries across six continents. Pandora became available in the U.S. in 2003, where the company's mission of providing quality jewelry for the individuality of the wearer made it a household name. Pandora has a large selection of and charms in a stunning variety of styles to suit all personalities. Jewelry lovers express their distinctive natures with Pandora by finding available charms or beads, putting Pandora pieces together, and spotting fake pieces.

How Pandora Beads Work

While many people refer to Pandora charms as beads, the company officially refers to them as charms, even those that are glass and resemble traditional glass beads. Almost all Pandora charms or beads work in the same manner, one that is different from most others. Instead of using pieces with smooth insides that slip on bracelets (or necklaces), Pandora uses threads on most of their charms. To place the charm on the bracelet, twist it past the threads on the end of the bracelet, after which the charm is free to slide. There is a small range of unthreaded Pandora charms that slip over the ends of bracelets. Some prefer charms not to slide freely. Pandora also offers stopper charms and thread-divided bracelets.

Pandora Bead Materials

Pandora offers beads that feature a variety of materials, including sterling silver and gold. Some charms contain only one material, mainly the sterling silver charms, while others are a mix of materials, such as gold and cubic zirconium. The company uses high-quality components, so no matter which materials a charm contains, take care to treat pieces gently and clean them properly.


Contains/May Contain



Sterling Silver

925 or S925


14 Karat Gold


Two Tone

Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold


Glass/Sterling Silver, Murano Glass


Wood/Sterling Silver, White 14 Karat Gold

925, S925, or 525


Enamel/Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold

For the best care, don’t wear pieces while bathing, sleeping, swimming, or participating in sports activities. Clean charms with diluted soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Avoid silver cleaners.

Pandora Bead Collections

Part of the joy of Pandora is the range of charms, including pieces for all lifestyles. Choose charms that showcase a love of travel, shopping, animals, special occasions, and more. Pandora offers collections throughout each year, though some are only available for a limited time. Some collections are themed, such as the 2014 NFL Team Charms Collection, while others focus more on design principles.
Once Pandora discontinues a collection of charms, buyers cannot obtain the pieces from a retailer. Some sellers offer retired Pandora charms, more expensive than new charms due to rarity.

Adabele Charm Wish Upon A Star Lucky Twinkle Stars Bead Jewelry 925 Silver Charms For European Charm Bracelet EC20
Art and Craft Supply (Adabele Charm)
  • Highly Detailed Fashion Jewelry Solid .925 Sterling Silver Charm ( Unthreaded charm beads )
  • Bead Size (W/L): ~11 x 11 mm
  • Colors: bright silver
  • Compatible Bracelets, Authentic Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi, Troll, Ohm, Zable, Kays Charmed Memories, Kohls Persona, Moress and other European style charm bracelets...
  • bead hole diameter: ~5 mm
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Beadaholique Beadaholique Engraved Love Pandora Compatible Bead, 7.5mm, Sterling Silver
Art and Craft Supply (Beadaholique)
  • Color: Silver
  • Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Style/Shape: Large Hole
S00424-Pandora Bead With 6 Diamonds
S00424-Pandora Bead With 6 Diamonds
Pandora Love.
Pandora Love.
Pro Jewelry .925 Sterling Silver " Faith Love & Hope / White Crystal on Heart " Bead 4156
Jewelry (Pro Jewelry)
  • Quantity: 1 Bead
  • Material: S925 Solid Sterling Silver Core 4.5mm (not threaded)
  • Fits: All major Brand Bracelets, such as Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Carlo Biagi, Zable, and other add-a-bead bracelets.
Fit Pandora Charms New Jewelry Heart Love I Love You to the Moon and Back Charm Beads Fit Pandora Charms Bracelet
Jewelry (Fit Pandora Charms)
  • I Love You To The Moon And Back Jewelry
  • I Love You To The Moon And Back Photo Bead
  • Dimensions (mm):12.7*8.11*11.8
  • The Hole Size is 4.8mm~5mm
  • Compatible with Pandora, Biagi, and Chamilia Charm Bracelets
Bundle Monster 40 PC Antique Silver Plated Oxidized Metal Beads Charms Set Mix Lot - Compatible with Pandora Biagi Troll Chamilia Bracelets w/ "BM" Pouch
Art and Craft Supply (NYBK GROUP)
  • Beads are compatible with Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Biagi & other styles of European bracelets and necklaces. (Note: These beads fit but do NOT represent any...
  • 100% new. Nickel free & lead free. Comes with a Bundle Monster blue gift pouch.
  • Hole size is approximately 4.5 to 5mm. Beads size are between 7 to 12mm depending on which designs
  • Beads are alloy base, oxidized silver plated. Core is not threaded to easily slide onto various European bracelets & necklaces
  • Package contents: 40 beads. Net Weight: approximately 4oz.
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