How to wear beads properly?

Many women love jewelry and believe that accessories favorably diversify the image. They most often include beads. Few people know that an incorrectly chosen necklace can distort the appearance, proportion of the figure and facial features. Therefore, the choice is important to be guided not only by your own sense of style, but also by some basic rules.

When creating an image, it is important to pay attention to many nuances: clothing and its color scheme; shape parameters; appearance features: color of eyes, hair and skin. We must not forget about individual accessories. There is no need to wear green sandals and red beads to a white dress, combine a large necklace and long tassel earrings. Leave only one accent: then the appearance will look harmonious.

It’s not difficult to choose a decoration for the image. It is important that it fits into the overall style of the outfit. An inconspicuous necklace made of pearls or tourmaline is well suited for a strict look or Ladies Church Suits, and for everyday life choose beads made of natural stones, felted, ceramic or a pendant on a cord or chain. For some styles, for example, country or folk, an accessory from large beads with ethnic motifs is suitable.

How to combine beads and body type? The length of the jewelry and the size of the beads can visually change the parameters of the figure and highlight the flaws. Well-fleshed ladies should abandon large or short beads, because they will further increase the shape or shorten the neck. Women with large breasts are also better to abandon excessively large beads on their neck. Long accessories do not suit tall and thin girls: they visually add a few more cm. The best option for full-breasted and chubby ones is long beads, and for girls with small breasts - jewelry made of large stones or beads.

Image by Rondell Melling from Pixabay

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