Love beads 2013


Make some Modern Love Beads for your friends and family using drinking straws, duct tape, scissors and a nice piece of ribbon or string.

These supplies can be found around your house or can be gotten fairly easily. We also added contact paper in metallic and wood grain, which most hardware stores will have. Feel free to substitute other materials like tinfoil and colored paper.

Start a bead by wrapping the tape around the straw . You can use a different color on each side or just go with solids. We made a few beads with multi colors than cut them into shapes afterwards.
Once the straw has been taped feel free to start cutting shapes. A simple shape will go a long way once the necklace is strung together and seen as a whole.
This shape is a scalloped bead, you can use it as a filler bead and make other accent pieces that are more distinctive. Or change it up completely!
This is what a finished bead looks like from the side, They are very easy to string without using a sewing needle.

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Crazy, Stupid, Love Float passing in the Nyx Parade 2013.
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