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Wearing Your Intention: How To Choose Mala Beads

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By Diana Charabin

Years ago when I first heard of Kris Carr, I wondered how could cancer be sexy? I understood the crazy part but I was yet to understand how Kris could take something with such an opposite connotation, “cancer, ” (just saying it makes me feel a punch in the stomach) and turn it into inspiration and hope.

I have had a similar experience with mala beads. For those of you who don’t know, mala beads are meditation garlands that have been worn for thousands of years in traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga and meditation.

From the moment I first laid my eyes on mala beads I was extraordinarily drawn to their uniqueness and energy. It was an unexplainable attraction. I also noticed in watching a few of Kris’ videos that she frequently wears mala beads!

Mala beads are traditionally used for japa meditation – reciting a positive affirmation or mantra along each bead to come into a more calming, connected and spiritual state.

When I started making mala beads I wanted to take the tradition of these esoteric beads and make them accessible and “sexy.” I wanted to link mala beads to setting an intention. Because I am very interested in the healing qualities of crystals we fused mala beads with healing crystals that each have their own energy and intention. There are crystals for love, strength, prosperity, healing, break-ups, focusing, letting go, spirituality, grounding, protection and so on.

Choosing an intention is only half of the process. It is just as important to choose a mala that you are visually and aesthetically drawn to. The things we find beautiful are just as important in our healing as what they are meant for – whether it is art, a beautiful beach or a set of mala beads.

One common blockage I have seen people struggle with when choosing mala beads or in general is figuring out what their dream or intention should be.

Ask yourself :

What do I want?

If you cannot answer this, ask yourself: What do I not want?

This is a good starting point. There are so many ways to get clear on this: yoga, meditation, goal setting and vision boarding.

Or perhaps your intention is to start making clear decisions – that is a good place to start as well.

There is something powerful about wearing your intention. It makes your goal tangible at every moment of the day. Every time you look at your mala or feel it, you are reminded to stay on your chosen path. Distractions that are coming at you from all directions are averted when you have a physical object to touch and gently be taken back. I often hold my mala beads during a conversation or gaze at them in front of my mat during yoga and they remind me why I am here.

Art and Craft Supply ()
  • The Mala is considered sacred and need to be treated with respect and care.
  • They will naturally turn darker with your own body oil.. this is the desired effect as they will grow stronger.
  • Wash them occasionally to remove dirt and dust.
  • Keep in a place of sanctity.
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