Perler Beads patterns

Over 500 Pokemon and Minecraft Perler Patterns

Pokemon Inspiration for Perler BeadsIf you are a mother of little boys, I am sure words like “MINECRAFT” and “POKEMON” are used 23 times per minute, or at least WAY more often than you ever thought was possible. Our boys are OBSESSED with both games, so to capture their attention for any length of time I know I have to speak their language. I have apparently cracked the code! Mothers everywhere, listen up! All I am going to say is “POKEMON and MINECRAFT patterns for Perler Fuse Beads!”… Trust me on this one! I am not the most creative person, but I love to do crafts and I just thrilled beyond words when the kids join in… It makes me feel like a cool mom! My challenge though is to find something that holds everybody’s attention. Perler is where it is at for us – right now… Really, these little plastic fuse beads called “Perler” keep our four boys occupied FOR HOURS– each at their own level. Stick with me, mama – you too will have beads everywhere creative little kids silenced and occupied for hours!

Pokemon Ideas for Perler BeadsI recently wrote about getting Jansen preschool-ready with Biggie Perler beads. He plays with them daily and has actually worked his way up to using the smaller beads almost exclusively. Jacob (8) and Jordan (6) have also found their own area of interest. They make Pokemon and Minecraft related things out of Perler beads.

When Jacob gets into something he is an unstoppable force – I have NO idea where he gets that from! It was due to this obsession “focus” that we had to make a the late-afternoon run to the craft store to pick up more gray beads, so he could finish his Pokemon “thingy.” I am not even going to pretend that I know who all of these figures are from Pokemon or Minecraft. But I know they are important to the boys, they keep their attention and they are all so proud of their creations – so that is something that deserves my endorsement and “thumbs up!”

To get started you need:

Plates for regular beads (square) (Stock up on these, we constantly run out when the kids really get going)

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Perler Beads Perler Pattern Pad-
Art and Craft Supply (Perler Beads)
  • Creative patterns for fun filled activities by Perler
  • Designs inspired by the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
  • 110 creative patterns and eight design your own pattern pages
  • For ages 6 and up
  • Contains 1 piece
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  • Convenient activity center for storage and on-the-go
  • Come with everything you need for 2 projects and can be used with your own patterns and beads, too
  • Covers snap closed over pegboard and eight bead compartments
  • Includes case, clear square pegboard, 1200 beads in 8 colors, double-sided pattern sheet, ironing paper and instructions
  • For ages 6 and above
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  • For ages 6 years and above
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