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perler bead flowerHave you and your kiddos discovered Perler Beads yet? They are one of my girls favorite things to pull out during down time. We got an 11, 000 piece bucket of beads a couple years ago and after all their creations we still have probably three quarters of the bucket left.

It is a great activity teaching hand eye coordination and patience. Depending on the size of the template they are using, it can take awhile to get a project done.Perler Beads My girls do great with it now and will finish one in less than an hour, but it used to take a couple days, just because they’d get tired with it. I usually help them find the colors they need to make it less frustrating for them. Catch me after the jump to see the homemade teacher gift.

Preschool is ending for my daughter next week…Kindergarten here she comes! :-/ She is super excited about giving her teacher a gift and keeps coming up with things to make for her.flower When she came up with this idea, I thought it was a perfect. I’m also going to give her teacher something else from us, but I loved the idea of my daughter spending the time to make something for her as well.

She decided on a flower and chose the colors that she wanted it to be. I helped her find the colors and then she made it all by herself. After we melted the beads together, I hot glued a magnet button on back so that her teacher could hang it and enjoy it. Who doesn’t love a cute magnet?

magnet on flowerYou should be able to find Perler Beads at any craft store or even Walmart or Target. I like to get these kinds of things at craft stores because there is usually always a coupon that can be used.

We have purchased quite of few of the kits for my girls friends birthdays. If you decide to get some, I hope your kiddos enjoy them as much as mine have!

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