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DIY Toy: Perler Bead Mazes

DIY Toy: Perler Bead MazesPerler Bead Projects are just plain awesome. The ability to melt your own plastic to make stuff is like bringing an industrial process into your home. Even the simplest plastic products around us go though an enormous and expensive process to get made, often including the fabrication of metal tools and molds. So they definitely are off limits to your average crafter or kid. Enter the humble Perler Bead or Hama Bead or Melty Bead or whatever you want to call them….. They finally let us DIY’ers have fun with making things out of plastic and actually being able to fuse them together.

Tons of ideas for perler bead projects have been swirling around in my head since we started Plastic Month on Babble Dabble Do.DIY Toy: Perler Bead Mazes This one popped in there as I watched my kids break open a set of these huge Perler Beads that I picked up at the store last week. They are three or four times the size of your average Perler/Hama bead and much easier for little hands (and big hands for that matter) to work with. When I saw my kids placing them on their giant square boards I immediately thought of those “ball in the maze” toys kids often get as party prizes. And so we decided to make our own. I loved that my kids had the opportunity to both design their toy and use it.

DIY Toy: Perler Bead MazesThis post contains affiliate links to products I love and recommend to my readers, plus it keeps this little blog o’mine afloat! Thank you!


  • Perler Beads- DO NOT use small perler beads, you MUST use this size
  • Large bead boards like these
  • Iron
  • Colorful poster board
  • (1) Small round bead per maze
  • Recycled clear food packaging
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Thumbtacks

DIY Toy: Perler Bead MazesInstructions

  • Step One Using the square pegboard, begin by making a frame of beads along the entire perimeter of the board.
  • Step Two Design your maze! Start adding in rows of beads to form a maze. When the beads are melted they get wider, so as a rule of thumb I told my kids to leave a gap of two empty peg rows between bead rows so the ball would be sure to make it through the maze.
  • Step Three Make sure the bead rows connect to at least one perimeter edge. My kids designed their mazes and then I helped them fine-tune the connection points. My son insisted on having one hole in the edge of his maze so he could take the ball in and out of the maze. It’s your choice if you want to do this.
DIY Toy: Perler Bead Mazes DIY Toy: Perler Bead Mazes DIY Toy: Perler Bead Mazes DIY Toy: Perler Bead Mazes
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