Scott Pilgrim Perler Beads

Found On The InterNERD: Perler Beads

scott-pilgrim-perlerHowdy folks, this InterNERD is full of beads! Perler is actually a name brand, but it is the most popular one. The craft actually goes by many names; melty beads, hama, sprites, fusion, there are lots of different names out there. This kids craft is pretty simple, ironing the beads on a board for an awesome end result. I have made quite a few of these and they become addicting. Here are the coolest, nerdiest Perler beads I found on the InterNERD.

Scott Pilgrim. Very cool, Scott Pilgrim and company are done here as a character select screenshot in a video game! This is done by Kyle McCoy, you can check out more of his awesome work at

Deadpool. This Deadpool is crazy! This thing must have taken days to do. So much detail and shading in this giant piece.


Grumpy Cat. The internet meme is pretty much embodied in everything nowadays, Grumpy Cat is now in bead form too.

Captain America. A really cool idea making the background on this beaded Captain America an actual collage of a comic. Check out the steps they took in this gallery.

Presidents Of The USA. This is such a clever idea, all 44 Presidents of the US is captured in simple 8 bit style using beads. This was a present to a history teacher by her boyfriend.


Ice King. The Adventure Time’s coolest villain the Ice King is looking pretty happy to just be alone with his penguins.

3D Perler Beads. This is a pretty cool technique, not just to have flat beads to display, but to create 3D ones that stand up! Here is Samus, Link, and Megaman looking ready for action.

Bioshock. Here is a remarkable work of art of Elizabeth from the video game Bioshock. The amount of detail that went into this is impressive.

Jay and Silent Bob. Great idea for displaying these, the black and white Quick Stop in the frame is the perfect background for these two loiterers.

Rocko’s Modern Life. The classic Nickelodeon cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life characters are awesome. I would love to have these on my wall.

Breaking Bad. The amount of hours it must have taken to produce this is crazy. Walter White’s face is incredibly detailed. Here is the gallery of the process.

captain-america-perler-bead president-usa-perler ice-king-perler 3d-perler-bead
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