What are Perler Beads?

Make Creative Gifts with Perler Beads

Perler beads - sometimes called fuse beads - aren't only for preschoolers. Older kids have a lot more patience to design more complex bead creations, including three dimensional characters. Another benefit is that older kids can see a project through independently, including the ironing, and they can help younger kids along, too. My daughter took something she loved - Minecraft, yes again - and made Minecraft-themed creations to give as gifts and to sell at her school craft fair.

Some patterns she figured out on her own by looking at the item she wanted to replicate and playing around with the beads. For others, she found a website full of Perler bead patterns from animals to holiday things to Hello Kitty.

First, for ease, separate beads by color before starting to design.

Once a design is found that works, make a bunch of them on the same grid.

Once the design is set and they're ready to be finished, cover in wax paper.

Iron gently on a medium-cool setting. Hey look, another great skill is being taught. My daughter can run the iron with confidence, thanks to her art projects.

My daughter found that the longer she ironed each design, the more the beads fused and melted into a solid piece. The trick with solid pieces is to make sure they are ironed evenly or else some pieces thin out more than others, producing an end product with an inconsistent thickness.

For some that she wanted to use as ornaments, she made sure to only lightly iron the tops, maintaining an open hole in the bead to pass through some twine for hanging. Others she hot glued safety pins on the back to use as decorative pins.

This project lasted most of a Saturday while my kids experimented with design, ironed some out as tests, and redesigned. Perler beads don't cost much, making this an inexpensive and fun way to pass a rainy day.

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