Magic beads water

Perler Bead Magic Discovery Bottle

What is awesome is that if you don’t add color yet visually you can’t really tell the difference between the water and the oil. I let the kids explore they shook the bottle, rolled the bottle and just watched as the perler beads stuck right to the middle.

Now you could leave it at that or you can add a little color. You have a choice now. If you use water colors or standard food coloring you will color the water. If you add frosting or lipid (fat) based food coloring like Wiltons frosting dye then you will color the oil. We decided to color the water. Its cheaper that way and kind of cool. The kids watched the color droplets fall through the oil. They were heavier then the oil. The fell to where the perler beads were then started to sink. The kids shook it a little and now they could see there were to different kinds of liquids!

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