Water beads Canada

Water Beads

She had a great time touching and playing and pouring the water beads.

She practiced picking them up and holding them (see that loose one on the carpet in front of her hand, she managed to pick it up! what a great way to learn those fine motor skills!)

I couldn't get any photos of her looking at the camera. She was way too busy! We did a few things with her today - let her put her hands in the whole container, poured the beads around her (while she was in the green bin, shown above), poured the beads on the tray.

Another note: Waterbeads will squish and break if sat on, knelt on, etc. I kept a small container nearby and took away broken water beads immediately.

She helped dump out the container and watched while we put them away later. She just loved playing with these. Have you ever wondered why most prescription medicine is sold in those amber bottles.

One more note: We have lots of pets and I was worried the water beads would get all gunky. They seemed to resist picking up animal hair fairly well, but I think I will still plan on rinsing.

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