Toho wooden beads loom

Wooden Bead Loom – Small


This stable wooden loom is a basic item for bead weaving.

Wooden Bead Loom – Small
Item No.: 6-40-30
Approximately 23.8cm long x 14cm wide x 8cm high
Wooden Bead Loom – Large
Item No.: 6-40-31
Approximately 37.8cm long x 34.7cm wide x 9.5cm high

Wooden Bead Looms we offer are very user-friendly products. They include wooden screw, springs and the warp threads-stoppers.

Wooden screw:
You can easily tense or slacken warp threads without any other tools.

Wooden screwSprings:
High-positioned springs allow letting in the stoppers smoothly.

Warp threads-stoppers:
These stoppers keep warp threads on the bar, so you can bring the loom without worrying about the threads coming off.
(The stoppers are accompanied with the following wooden looms: Item Number 6-40-30/ 6-4-31/ 6-4-32.)
*2 stoppers are accompanied with each of the wooden looms, and the length of the stopper is depending on the width of the loom.

Wooden Loom with Adjustable Stands can be used flat or in angled position.

You can choose the angle from the three levels for your convenience. It will make it more comfortable to work especially on a large piece.

Springs Warp threads-stoppers: WOODEN BEAD LOOM Wooden Bead Loom with Adjustable Stands
Darice Darice Large Oak Bead Loom with Legs, 15-Inch by 14-Inch by 3-1/2-Inch
Art and Craft Supply (Darice)
  • A deluxe wood framed bead loom for creating beaded jewelry and other woven bead projects
  • Compact size lets you use it almost anywhere
  • A great gift for a creative crafter or a great way for a crafter to make gifts.
  • Solid oak construction with a deep, warm finish
  • Step-by-step instruction booklet included in english and french
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