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How to Buy Wooden Bead Bracelets

How to Buy Wooden Bead BraceletsWooden bead bracelets come in children's men's, and women's designs. The bead bracelets available on eBay feature subtle and colourful designs suitable for a variety of wearers and occasions. Choose wooden beads that are strong and durable. Focus on design elements that prevent breakages, and measure the wearer's arm to find the ideal size.

Types of Wooden Beads

Wood is a versatile material that offers an array of natural deep, rich colours, is easy to dye or paint, and lends itself to turning, shaping, and sanding. Tropical hardwoods are popular choices in the manufacture of wooden beads. The table below lists and describes some types of wood you are likely to find in bead bracelets.

Type of Wood




Warm red-brown colour

Visible wood grain pattern


Black hardwood

Fine wood grain

Nangka or Jackfruit Tree

Warm golden brown or yellow brown

Hard, smooth beads with loose grain


Coconut or date palm wood

Distinct parallel grain markings


Hard and durable

Pale colour with pink overtones


Hard redwood

Red-orange to orange colour

Darkens with age

Many wooden bead bracelets feature dyed or painted beads in vivid colours. You can also find natural wood beads paired with seashells, mother of pearl, and metal beads that accent the beauty of each material. Choose a bead size that suits the wearer's personal style. Bold colours and oversized beads make excellent statement pieces. Smaller beads on single bands are ideal for stacking.

Wooden Bead Bracelet Construction

Coated beads offer some protection against moisture, but oiled beads tend to absorb oil from the skin and develop a unique colour as they age. Look for quality beads without cracks and flaws. Band materials range from elastic to leather to sterling silver and precious metals. Choose a durable band that matches the bracelet design. Casual wood and leather bracelets for men and boys have a rugged feel men appreciate. Opt for a clasp design that keeps the bracelet securely in place, but is easy to open and close, for example, lobster clasps or safety clasps. Alternatively, look for a stretch bracelet that simply slips over the hand.

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