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Tips for Buying Beaded Curtains on eBay

Tips for Buying Beaded Curtains on eBayDepending on their style, beaded curtains can look sleek and contemporary, exotic, or bohemian. Find beaded curtains to suit any decor and learn how versatile this elegant concept can be.

Materials for Beaded Curtains

Some bead curtains are elegant and formal while others have a breezy, casual charm. Pick the appropriate materials and styles for the space to coordinate with a room's decor instead of looking out of place. While some curtains use shells, polymer clay, bone, or other objects as beads, most beaded designs incorporate the following materials.


Hollow, lightweight bamboo makes natural rod-shaped beads. Many bamboo beaded curtains typically have a casual, beach-ready feel about them, especially if they feature silk-screened images of ornamental designs or tropical scenes. Choose bamboo for fun, casual, or exotic decor.


Plastic beads can take on any shape and are an economical alternative to glass, crystal, or metal. Most plastic beads are fused onto their strings, making them a good choice for anyone with concerns about durability. Colorful plastic beads catch light beautifully, so they are often used at windows and in doorways where their colors shine. Pearlescent and metallic plastic can work equally well to divide a room or hang on the wall.


Sparkling glass and crystal beads scatter light beautifully and work well as window curtains and room dividers. Beaded curtains in glass weigh more than bamboo or plastic, so full-length curtains must be hung on sturdy supports such as door and window frames. Clear glass beads in different shapes can create ornate patterns that look at home in more formal rooms or with Art Deco-inspired designs.


Wooden bead curtains vary greatly in size, shape, and cost. Usually, wooden beads are stained or polished to showcase the wood's natural color. Plain or geometric-patterned wood curtains work in dens and dining rooms with eclectic decor. Save curtains with painted scenes for more casual environments such as bedrooms or dorm rooms.


Metal is the heaviest and most durable material for beaded curtains. Ball-chain beads have an intriguing industrial or high-tech look to them that works well with contemporary home decor. Metal disks or paillettes reflect light beautifully but can be too bright for use in windows because the beads act like mirrors. Instead, save these designs for wall hangings or room dividers.

Uses for Beaded Curtains

Archways and open door frames are excellent places for bead curtains. The beads allow a glimpse of the space beyond the doorway and prevent a room from feeling too closed off from the rest of the home. With a beaded curtain, dinner party guests in the dining room can still chat with the host in the kitchen.

In large lofts and open-plan homes, dividers help to screen off separate areas for work, entertainment, and sleeping. Beaded curtains provide a visual dividing line while preserving the expansive feel of an open floor plan. Use them to separate a dining area from a living room or define a home office within a larger space. They can also conceal a closet or cupboard from view.

ABeadedCurtain.com Natural Bamboo Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging hardware)
Home (ABeadedCurtain.com)
  • Truly a piece of handmade artwork. Fits most doorways and windows. Also looks wonderful when hung on walls as beaded wall art.
  • Unpainted so the beaded curtain is the perfect neutral color of natural bamboo.
  • Each bamboo curtain is 36 x 79 with 125 strands attached to a wooden hanging bar. The width of curtain can be also shortened by simply cutting hanging bar or can...
  • Each curtain contains approx. 4 bamboo beads individually hand strung and arrives fully assembled with HANGING HARDWARE INCLUDED so you will have your beaded curtain...
  • Currently the highest quality bamboo beaded curtain being manufactured.
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  • 66 Strands-A wood beaded curtain with the highest number of strands you d find in the market.
  • 35.5 x 80 (90 cm x 200 cm) - 66 Strands - Having less than a 35.5 opening? No worries! You can hang your wood beaded curtain inside or outside a door frame, either...
  • This style has 66 strands which are less than 1/2 apart, so there won t be large gaps between the strands, thus it will provide quite good privacy once the light...
  • Easy Installation-Comes with two hooks attached to a wooden rod.
  • Use as door beads on an existing door, or as a closet curtain, doorway curtain, gateway curtain, partition, window treatment or as an wall art.
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