EBay beads and Charms for Bracelets

How to Repair a Pandora Bead Bracelet

How to Repair a Pandora Bead BraceletCharm bracelets are a lovely way to wear tangible reminders of special events or tokens of affection. What makes Pandora bracelets special is their incredible variety.

Pandora's designs are more sophisticated than common chain-style charm bracelets. The Pandora system uses a three-part threaded bracelet with beads and charms that slide securely into place. Clip beads that fit over the junctures between the bracelet's segments are decorative as well as practical.

Types of Pandora Bracelets

Pandora produces three types of bracelets: the classic metal threaded bracelet, leather jewelry, and fabric bracelets. The metal bracelets come in gold or silver and have hundreds of jeweled, enameled, and engraved beads to match.

Caring for Pandora Jewelry

Gold and silver jewelry does need occasional gentle cleaning, and it's important to avoid silver polish that can strip silver bracelets and charms of the patina they are meant to have. Pandora bracelets are designed to remain flexible and can stretch slightly over time; this is considered normal wear. A sizing guide can help buyers find the right size, but bead size should also be taken into account.

Leather and fabric bracelets can last for years with proper care. They should be kept away from water. These lightweight bracelets are designed to hold only a few beads, so it's important to avoid overloading them.

Types of Pandora Beads and Charms

Pandora bracelets are meant to have charms. Sparkling glass, shining metal, and colorful enameled pieces give a bracelet personality.


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