Blue Beads St. Eustatius

Statia offers a variety of restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

Blue Bead Bar & Restaurant
Located at Gallows Bay on the Lower Town. Specialised in Italian and French cuisine.
Tel: +599-318-2873
Open: 12:00pm - Close: 14:00pm
Re-open: 18:00 - Close: 21:00
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Chinese Restaurant
Located on H.M. Queen Beatrixstraat. Serving an excellent variety of Chinese dishes.
Tel: +599 318 2389
Open: 11am - Close: 14:45
Re-open: 15:30 - Close: 20:45
Closed Sunday
Wheelchair accessible: NO

Chocolate Restaurant
Located in the heart of Golden Rock District. Serving a wonderful variety of typical local dishes.
Tel: +599 318 5055
Open: 7:30am - Close: 11:30
Open everyday
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Cool Corner Bar & Restaurant
Located in the very heart of town near the First Caribbean International Bank and the St.Eustatius Historical Museum. Specialized in Chinese cuisine
Tel: +599 318 3386
Open: 12:00pm - Close: 23:00
Wheelchair accessible: YES
Fay Bar & Restaurant
Located on Fort Oranjestraat next to Mazinga Gift shop serving a variety of Chinese dishes. Open 7 days per week.
Tel: +599 318 2929
Open: 11:00am - Close: 12:00am
Closed at 2:00am weekends
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Franky's Place
Located opposite the Methodist Church. Frankies place offers local dishes.
Tel: +599 318 4948
Open: 11:00am - Close: 23:00
Closed Wednesday
Wheelchair accessible: YES
Golden Era Hotel
The Golden Era Hotel is situated on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. The restaurant specializes in West Indian, Creole and International cuisine.
Tel: +599 318 2455 or +599 318 2355
Fax: +599 318 2445
Open: 7:00am - Close: 22:30
Open everyday
Wheelchair accessible: YES

Grill House Restaurant (Closed until further notice)
A Chinese Restaurant with a variety of Chinese dishes. Located on road to white wall.
Tel: +599 318 2915
Hong Kong Restaurant
A Chinese Restaurant with a variety of Chinese dishes. Located on road to white wall.

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