Powder Glass beads

Preparation and characterization of physically modified glass beads

Cover imageThe aim of this work is the physical modification and characterization of the surface topography of glass beads used as model carriers in dry powder inhalers (DPIs). By surface modification the contact area between drug and carrier and thereby interparticle forces may be modified. Thus the performance of DPIs that relies on interparticle interactions may be improved. Glass beads were chosen as model carriers because various prospects of physical surface modification may be applied without affecting other factors also impacting interparticle interactions like particle size and shape. To generate rough surfaces glass beads were processed mechanically by friction and impaction in a ball mill with different grinding materials that were smaller and harder with respect to the glass beads. By varying the grinding time (4 h, 8 h) and by using different grinding media (tungsten carbide, quartz) surfaces with different shades of roughness were generated.Image for unlabelled figure Depending on the hardness of the grinding material and the grinding time the surface roughness was more or less pronounced. Surface roughness parameters and specific surface area were determined via several complementary techniques in order to get an enhanced understanding of the impact of the modifying procedure on the surface properties of the glass beads.


  • Glass beads;
  • Dry powder inhaler;
  • Carrier;
  • Surface modification;
  • Ball mill


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Swarco Powder-like 10 Mil Spec Reflective Glass Beads 1 pound
Art and Craft Supply (Swarco)
  • Size: US Mesh 100-200, Mil-Spec 10, Roundness 65 to 95%.
  • Refractive index 1.5
  • Uses include topical paint applications, traffic safety, signs, art and craft projects.
  • Other uses include sand blasting: preening and finishing.
  • Shipped in a resealable bag.
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Preciosa Blue Powder Opaque Czech 11/0 Glass Seed Beads 1 Full Hank Preciosa
Art and Craft Supply (Preciosa)
  • Blue Powder Opaque
  • 1 Full Hank
  • A hank can contain approximately 3,900 to 4, beads
  • 1st grade seed beads from Preciosa Jablonex in the Czech Republic
  • Preciosa is the new name for this line Jablinex is there old name both brands can be in box
Swarco High Index Reflective Micro Powder Beads 1 Pound
Home (Swarco)
  • Size: US Mesh 35-45 microns, 98 % roundness
  • Refractive index 1.93
  • Uses include topical paint applications, traffic safety, signs, art and craft projects.
  • Manufactured using virgin glass!
  • Fine Powder like consistency. Shipped in a resealable bag.
Swarco Reflective Glass Beads - Variety Sample Pack - 4 - 8 Ounce Bags
Toy (Swarco)
  • Standard - Sand like texture. Same glass beads used on traffic lines. Can be used in inter-mix or drop on applications.Sizes are 20-325 US Mesh, 45-850 Microns...
  • Airport Quality - Our highest quality glass beads; these beads offer high performance and durability due to their extremely smooth surfaces, greater than 95 %...
  • Powder - Powder-like texture. Similar to the glass beads used on street signs and in aerosol sprays. Inter-mix or drop on applications. Makes paint reflective. Sizes...
  • Deco Molded - Our Largest High Quality Glass Spheres are produced using state of art molding technology. Size 3.0 mm, Roundness = 95%, Refractive index is = 1.52
Shipwreck Beads Swarovski Elements 3CR693 50-Pack Crystal Round Pearl Beads, 3mm, Powder Rose
Art and Craft Supply (Shipwreck Beads)
  • Genuine crystal round pearl beads
  • Unsurpassed quality, flawless surfaces and lustrous texture
  • Available in powder rose color
  • Measures 3mm size
  • Made of leaded glass material
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