Water beads for kids

Safe Edible Non-Chokable Mini Water Beads

When you are ready to play with them, add a little extra water to your container to allow them to move a bit more fluidly (otherwise they tend to stick to each other and hands).The Basil Seeds we used are even cheaper if you buy them at an Asian specialty food market. At our local Asian specialty food market a whole bag (which is SO many Tablespoons of seeds) was a little over a dollar. I learned about the properties of basil and chia seeds in graduate school (botany is COOL!). The gel that forms is a way for the seed to gather and store water as it sprouts. Clever of the seed, right? These seeds are also used in drinks (think along the lines of bubble tea) in other countries. In the US they are gaining popularity as a health/energy drink because they are high in nutrients. Where do you find Basil Seeds:

The best place to find basil seeds is in an Asian or International Specialty Food Store: Our local Asian Specialty stores all carry bags for $1 and they are in the spices section
Here is a listing on US Amazon

The above links are by no means exhaustive - feel free to Google around yourself. Any online spice specialty store is likely to carry these! :)

If you wish to substitute chia seeds for basil seeds, follow the modified recipe below:
LAW 8oz -Almost 15,000 Jelly BeadZ® Water Bead Gel - Rainbow Mix
Home (LAW)
  • Non toxic, biodegradable, enviromentally friendly
  • beautiful bold COLORFAST color in each bead
  • Many uses for fun or decorations
  • perfect for centerpieces, any design
  • lots of fun
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Consumer Reports: Water beads are choking hazard for kids
Consumer Reports: Water beads are choking hazard for kids
LAW Jelly BeadZ® Water Bead Gel - MULTICOLOR Mix Fun and educational -2oz Pack
Toy (LAW)
  • Colorfast and Non Toxic
  • Kids learn while having lots of fun
  • Grows about 10 times its original size
  • Let your beadZ dry out, and it shrinks back to original size
  • 2 oz. package includes 11 different colors
12 Pack Combo Sooper BeadZ® Water Beads Gel - 12 Colors - 5 grams per pack make over a quart per pack - Wedding Decoration Vase Filler - Plant Growing Balls Crystal Mud Soil Water Beads - ALMOST 3 GALLONS of BEADS TOTAL - Orbeez Refill
Toy (Sooper Saving, Inc.)
  • 12 Colors pack Water Beads - Water Pearls - Sensory Beads - Water Gel 12 different colors- 4 to 5 grams per pack.
  • Colorfast, Non-toxic, Environmentally Friendly
  • Adds drama to any event, party, wedding, shower
  • Fun Water Growing Toys for Kids of all ages
Learning Resources Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set
Toy (Learning Resources)
  • Builds fine-motor skills
  • Strengthens hand muscles for writing
  • Ages 3+/Grades PreK+
LAW Jelly BeadZ® 4 Color- Make Your Own Ocean -Water Bead Gel 4 Packs of 10 Grams Per Pack
Toy (LAW)
  • Non toxic, Biodegradable, Enviromentally Earth Friendly
  • A 10 Gram Pack Each of CLEAR, GREEN, BLUE and PURPLE.
  • Each Bead will Expand to about the size of a Small Marble and each Pack will make About 2 Quarts of Bouncy Beautiful Beads
  • Mixes with other Colors won t bleed. Layer colors for drama.
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