Weaving Seed beads

How to Weave with Seed Beads

Weave with Seed Beads Step 1.jpgLearn a bit of terminology.

  • Warp Thread: The long, strong thread running over the loom
  • Weft Thread: The thread you string the beads onto and then weave under and over the warp thread, creating the weft thread
  • Dowel: The round wooden stick at either end of the loom.


Learn the differences between normal bead weaving and seed bead weaving. In particular, Be careful not to split the thread with the needle as you work your way across the warp, as you will then not be able to pull your warp thread through the weft thread.

Warp the loom for seed bead weaving. Tie one end of the thread onto the pin on the dowel.

String the loom so that you can slip the thread off the dowel holder without clipping all the threads.

  • Pull the thread over the top of the loom and wind around the pin on the other dowel.Weave with Seed Beads Step 2.jpg Make sure that the thread ends up in the groves on the top of your loom, such that the thread is straight as possible.
  • Pull the thread over the loom and then wind it under the pin and over the top of the loom again. Make sure to always use a separate set of groves. Continue warping the loom with sufficient threads to accommodate the required number of beads to obtain the width of your piece. You will need one more thread than the number of beads. This will also depend on the size of the beads you are using, if the beads you are using are bigger than the spaces between the threads, go back and add an extra empty grove in between each thread.
  • Thread from the outside in.Weave with Seed Beads Step 3.jpg This is to keep the threads tidy on the pins and prevent a bunch of knots when the threads are removed from the loom.

(on the opposite side from your starter knot) around the pin on the dowel.

  • This way of warping is absolutely essential for this method.

and secure the weft thread (white) with a double knot to the warp thread (pink). Here, there is enough thread on the loop to hold 8 beads.

Slip 8 beads onto your needle and pass it through UNDER the warp threads. With your other hand, push the beads up through the threads.


Push the needle back through the beads over the top of the warp threads, making sure that you do not split the thread.

Continue weaving your beads until you have reached the required length for your item. You also may need to add another weft thread, to do so, just repeat the steps for adding the first weft thread. Once the desired length is reached, work the thread back and forth a few rows. Make sure this row is secure so the beads don’t fall off.

Thread and sew the beginning weft thread through a row of beads to tidy it off. The weaving part is done. The rest is finishing.

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Weave with Seed Beads Step 4.jpg Weave with Seed Beads Step 6.jpg Weave with Seed Beads Step 7.jpg Weave with Seed Beads Step 9.jpg

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