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Czech druk beads are round pressed glass treasures manufactured in the age old Czech tradition by Jablonex, the World's top name in glass beads. Druk beads are consistently uniform in shape and size, and are available in nearly innumerable finish and color combinations.Childrens Step By Step Beading Books Druk beads are widely used in numerous jewelry designs, and are the perfect combination of quality and economy. These popular and versatile Czech glass beads are hand made in small batches, so some slight color variance is to be expected from batch to batch and size to size.

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Precision laser technology engraves these gorgeous wooden focal components with unbeatable accuracy. These lovely intricate pieces are surprisingly lightweight making them ideal for both necklace and earring components!

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Shipwreck Beads Preciosa Czech 3-mm Fire-Polished Glass Bead, Faceted Round, Color Mix #2 Strung, 300/pack
Art and Craft Supply (Shipwreck Beads)
  • Fire polished beads are all slightly different from each other, this adds to their charm
  • Measures 3-mm diameter
  • Beads are faceted round in shape
  • Beads are actually more of an oval even though called round
  • Made from bohemian glass; comes in 300/pack
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Jablonex 100 Pcs Czech Fire-polished Faceted Glass Beads Round 3mm Crystal Copper Rainbow
Art and Craft Supply (Jablonex)
  • Colour: Crystal Copper Rainbow
  • Size: 3 mm
  • Quantity: 100 pcs
  • Material: Faceted Fire-Polished Glass
  • The best beads for the best prices directly from the Czech Republic!
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