Pony beads DIY bowl

Make Perler bead bowls (and words)

I had to take things one step further... Perler bead typography!

Melting beads into the shape of a bowl = easy.
Melting beads into the shape of a word = ehh... not so easy.

I took a bunch of aluminum foil and shaped out the word "joy." (I wanted a photo of the word for a guest post that I was working on.) I made sure that my word had an indentation/well running throughout, so I could fill it up with Perler beads. Then, I placed the letters onto a baking dish, lightly oiled them, and then carefully poured the Perler beads inside. (Looking back, I should have covered my baking dish with aluminum foil too. just in case some of the beads escaped.)

Crazy... or crazy awesome? Ehh.. the jury's still out.

And then I baked the beads like before. Here's what I got:(Note: I didn't quite like how the bit between the "J" and the "O" looked, so I cut it out and then hot glued it together again.) See also:
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